Clinic Services

I’ve always wanted to be able to offer something truly holistic. We can all have our own ideas of what we consider holistic health. Work/life balance, or mind/body/spirit connection. Nonetheless, alignment is key. 
Throughout my life I’ve had ,at least, one thing going for me, which is the closest thing to a superpower I have. I find good teachers, healers, and practitioners. Oh and exceptional taste in music and food.
As an artist and athlete, it took more than just massage, diet, and exercise to keep my lifestyle from eroding me away. Most of my pain, wasn’t physical, when I learned that… Life got much better. 
The physical hands on practices of massage and acupuncture are tried and true, but to take it deeper into Sauhu Therapy and Chinese Astrology takes our health into more than just manual therapy, it becomes a system of guidance too. A way to listen and observe our health in our lives, and how our lifestyle is feeding our health.  Peace of mind, stress and pain management, herbs, holistic counseling, having someone to talk to that can also give advice on nutrition or exercise. This is what I’ve always wanted to offer to this community, and just so happens… It’s happening.
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