Yama Series

Yama is the connection between yoga and martial arts, and yes…  there is a very dynamic relationship between the 2.  Yoga postures are more than we think, they’re ways of developing your body’s ability to generate power, and to create the lines that not only help give you more strength, balance, flexibility, and relaxation.  It also develops a frame for your body to remain stable through the ballistic and dynamic demands we place on our bodies.

Internal and external strength

Detoxifying through sweat and breath, nourishing internal organs, digestion, and focus are all benefits of yoga as well as martial arts, not to mention the amazing workout it gives especially in the beginning when we’re sometimes just having to “muscle” through it.  Core strength is pretty new in western culture… it’s “old hat” to yogis and martial artists.  The principles of focusing on Bandhas and Center were here before the lightbulb, and they’re still here because they work.  Through integrating other practices and wisdom we can evolve and build on what centuries of practice have already laid out for us.


Really, all this movement whether it’s Yoga, Kung Fu,  Cooking, or hula hooping, I was taught that it’s just there to keep you entertained while you breathe.   A moment to check in and be mindful of ourselves,  we can turn this system into anything from a fighting system to a meditation. They’re all the same anyway… Some of us need quiet, and  some need a moment of intensity to get us out of our heads.  Feel where you’re tight, become aware of your state of mind, emotions, and give it a moment of attention. Then let it go, and move forward.  Breathe.


When it comes to stretching,  yoga is it.  There are no close seconds.  What more can I say.


I feel that a good relationship w/ the earth and gravity are important.   Balance is just that.  Kicking and shifting, rooting techniques of martial arts, a whole lot of standing on one leg. The better your balance the bigger your power.

Come practice.  No skill develops without practice the more you fall down the stronger you’ll stand.


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