Scott Zook

Raised and Guided by the music of Lions, Scott J. Zook has an Iowa cornfed body that’s served as a source of wisdom all his life.  Serious injury became the opportunity to study and begin the development of genuine strength through health, movement and defense.   His Foundation in artistic martial practice began with Master Lowell Rojon studying Hwa Rang Do/Mu Duk Kwom (advanced Korean battle kicking) that led to traveling rural Western China (Sichuan Province) with a tribe of travelers studying Nan Chuan with Sifu Li Chuan and Siyea Di Kong out of Hanyuan.

Despite the calling exotic beauty of the traveling world of Practice, the richest place of Health has still been the Bay.  After graduating from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Philosophy, he spent ten years being a major part of the team that ran the busiest Irish pub in the East Bay, Beckett’s of Berkeley.  There he began the long subtle lesson of my life’s most sincere message:  holding space for others, in giving for the value of a shared space.

”My friendship with Matt Lucas has been the deepest blessing to my heart and my Practice, training and laughing together for over eight years.  I am in now in the process of learning ‘graduate level’ martial arts with Matt, studying Nabard, Yoga, Qi Gong and ever more interesting ways of bodyweight conditioning.  As the systems of YAMA, Nabard have evolved and blossomed with the Open Matt, I am intent to give back (and continue to receive from) all the beautiful people that help this space grow strong, joyful and deeper into health.”

Scot is also continuing studies in Chinese Mantic Arts (cosmology, Zi Wei polestar astrology, feng shui) with Liu Ming in Oakland, Ca (

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