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I’ve been practicing martial arts seriously for 30 years.  It’s my best friend and I’m still blown away by the depth of this practice.  Yoga and martial arts at one point were together.  I learned them in tandem once I became a teenager.  I had Sway back, bad painful bow legs, bad joints, and a slightly painful scoliosis.  The posture work and opening of Yoga with the Strengthening of Martial arts helped remedy what I was told were limitations.  Really they gave me a skill set of awareness of posture and forced me to approach athletics from a holistic lens. 

Now I’m fine, no pain, strong joint and spine, and I love to share this practice. I’ve studied and received black belts or equivalent in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Persian Nabard, BaGua and also studied modern combatives such as SCARS and Systema.  I love them all…  My Passion is being able to translate these systems in a way that wont erode our bodies away using sequencing and mindfulness.  Come practice…

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No upcoming events for today

Real Life Self Defense Lesson 2:  The S.A. Essay

Real Life Self Defense Lesson 2: The S.A. Essay

to download click the link below Self D 2 SA essay  Tune In Dammit!!!!   Your eyes and ears are like funnels in the moonlight…  Lesson 1 was all about posture, and becoming aware of the way you're carrying yourself through your life. Now let's talk about about tuning...

Real Life Self Defense Lesson 1: WITH a mirror, FROM a mirror

Real Life Self Defense Lesson 1: WITH a mirror, FROM a mirror

After thousands of Self Defense workshops with professionals, office groups, kids, women only, trauma survivors, weapons guys, LGBT, transgender, old, young, I may have even taught a toddlers self defense class once, then right into sea lions getting out of captivity....

Kata:  How to make them practical.  They’re not just for montages.

Kata: How to make them practical. They’re not just for montages.

Kata!!! Form, or Kata, I personally don’t refer to it as Kata due to, I don’t teach Japanese systems, but you gotta admit. Their names for stuff are pretty cool. Kata, Sensei, Ninja, Samurai, Robot… what a great language. Lately, I’ve been flooded with Kata love, from...

5 reasons not to do yoga… workout!!!

5 reasons not to do yoga… workout!!!

Work out!!!  5 reasons you shouldn’t do so much yoga… Note, I just said work out, not Yoga. Which is not Sanskrit for exercise. best internet payday loans   Yoga hates your wrists, unless you do yin yoga, but if you “need” yin yoga, or have an aversion to effort, go...

The Matrix, apocalyptic models fighting for your right to rave

So if I learned anything by watching the matrix, it’s that in the future we’re all models and ravers, and our fate will be in the hands of people that know how to manipulate computers. Those people on those computers will be good at being something else when they’re...