Kettlebell Yoga

Your own personal guru, is a round iron ball w/ a handle on it.  Nothing teaches like something that can’t talk.  This is a yoga system piggy backed onto the primary series of Ashtanga and then adapted to the needs of my students.   I was noticing the posture stength of the Persian systems I’d learned through club swinging and weighted sphere work.  I’d worked w/ kettlebells doing Russian Systems for years and didn’t feel that the movments were functional for my goals.  The Persian systems were, yoga was, and the secret to power was being Balanced and Soft.  I was sick of doing my kettlebells then doing yoga, then doing persian clubs then my martial arts training.  It was too long of a workout, and I train full time for a living… I couldn’t imagine squeezing it into a full time work week too.

There are more additions as opposed to variations.  Building a labor type of connective tissue strength. Kettlebells are unmatched in their application towards core strength, they’re very versatile, and very effective.  You’ll build and awareness in each posture that will help you get humble and truly amazing.

I’ve shown this series along w/ Yama series to countless yogis and I’ve never seen anything light up a practice like this.  We have so many vocal cues and crutches to rely on to make our practice come from outside information.  “hold, breath, move, sit down, stand up, keep your balance”  When you’re about to fall over its too late to think “oh yeah, keep my balance.”

I was trained w/ the blessing of language barriers.  Not many explanations.  Just demos, “yes”es and “no”s…   When my balance was off, I was placed up on poles, now I’m thinking “go slow keep my balance”  there wasn’t a dialogue. By placing ourselves and our practice into simple challenges, we learn much quicker than by listening to the explanation and letting our heads interpret. This technique lets our  nervous systems take over.  Swimmers breathe deep cuz they can’t breath underwater, thus they inhale at every chance and exhale to keep the water out of their nose, boxers keep their hands up because they’ll get punched in the head, brick layers have strong shoulders and hands because they’re laying bricks all day.  How do we create this type of adaptive learning  and stamina in a practice such as yoga?  A kettlebell is a very good start.

Come w/ a lighter weight KB than you would do a russian style work out.  Or just a 10 pound weight is a good start.  Then we can work up from there.