Personal Training

Martial arts, Yoga, Yama Series, self-defense, conditioning,  coaching… learn how to do it safely, create health and longevity, and develope a practice.



Take care of yourself, assisted stretching, soft tissue, bones and joints, we even have the GK3 for deep deep work. Align the body, mind, and nervous system.

Yama Series

There’s a direct and balancing relationship betwee yoga and martial arts…

Classes are:

Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday 12:30-2:00 pm

10 more Buckles just in!!!

10 Belt buckles left $55 w/ free shipping These things didn't even make it to the web last time. 25 sold out before I could tell anyone. I just got another batch, and there are 10 left. They're cast in Washington State in small batches. Super high quality brass...

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Yama Series Practice Development Workshop

Personal Practice is Key!!! This is close to full already so get up with me either at the contact page or just... email me here to RSVP Facebook Event is HERE The "Why's" of this workshop are as so: Developing our personal practice will help us actualize who we are...

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NEW CLASS: Inversions with Annika on Thursdays 6:30

Come get upside down with Annika! All levels welcome. Its a practice of finding balance. There always comes a time when we want to go upside down. It's really good for you if you know how to do it, it's not if you don't... Learn about headstands, handstands, and I...

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Real Life Self Defense Lesson 2: The S.A. Essay

to download click the link below Self D 2 SA essay  Tune In Dammit!!!!   Your eyes and ears are like funnels in the moonlight…  Lesson 1 was all about posture, and becoming aware of the way you're carrying yourself through your life. Now let's talk about about tuning...

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Balancing Fire and Water in the Body: The Ghandi Scenarios

  One of the fundamentals of practicing a martial art, qi gong, or yoga, basically any holistic health practice, is to, “Balance the Fire and Water in the body.” Balancing the Fire and the Water…? Here it comes… it’s either more new age woo woo blah blah, or some...

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Watch Into The Badlands!!! November 15th

I was supposed to have a day off this year, and that was a vacation to New Orleans to visit our friend Daniel who was shooting a new martial arts series for AMC. However, my travel mate/friend/future business partner and I ended up working with the great cast of Into...

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Gi… clothes or butter, please clarify.

Why I don’t wear a Gi… For a martial artist a Gi is the uniform… basically a kimono. Gi basically means clothes. Gi in ayurveda is basically clarified butter. It’s used for cooking, and as a great vehicle for herbs and medicinal treatments.   Big difference.   I do...

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