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I have a super power… it’s finding exceptional friends, oh… and I can eat gluten which I think is a rare freak gene.

The Matt lucas

This is my other site, I’m also a musician and writer.  Check in on shows, read the blog, you know… stuff like that

The Hapkido Institute

For over a decade I’ve been training with my dear friends over here… I hold on to humble hard working martial artists when I find em.  It lets me know that there is plenty of good in the world.  I love everyone at this gym. The nicer they are the better they are.  True martial arts is about character building, this place is great.

The Stunt People

These guys started a movement of independent film making with insane martial arts. Now, they’re doing full length films and launching careers all over the place.  All started by Eric Jacobus and again, they’re just a bunch of hard working really nice people.

Orange Kettlebell Club

I love these guys, some of them train here, and they’re full of surprises.  Great movers all around, not just that, “let’s move weights” type that can’t touch their toes,  They’re the type that you want helping you move, but then they’ll take you dancing later.

Darcio Lyra Jujitsu Livermore

Ok, this is another monster of martial arts, and I have a special power of connecting with amazing martial artists, not athletes. Darlynson is such a great guy with such a warm heart, and even if you were to shrink him down to just bones and skin he’ll efficiently tap you out and take you to lunch.

Akuma Gear

This is my buddy Jason… he designs apparel for BJJ, MMA types.  Also a videographer. Super interested in sharing the work of martial artists that have more to add than just submissions and ways of defeating your opponent. He’s all about “The Way”…

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