Yoga, Qi Gong… All just here to keep you entertained while we learn to breathe…

I wanted to try and perhaps go train and teach some stuff in China… thought it’d be interesting. Then I kept running across websites that had pages Like this…

Well… umm… There’s your proof…There’s no debate here. Humans have an impact on the environment. I don’t know if a glacier or a Polar bear notices that they’re not breathing to their full potential while in a Yoga class in Beijing, and I don’t know if the climate outside of the zip code is affected. I won’t even go there, don’t have to. There are a lot of humans in Beijing, there’s a lot of coal…¬† and there’s my answer to whether I’m gonna try and do some work there. Perhaps I’ll seek the country somewhere. Maybe Siberia or something. At least I could breathe while I fight off wolves.


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